Al di là del Fiume

Emilia Romagna

Al di là del Fiume

The Biodynamic way to make wines

Al di là del fiume

Why Biodynamic?

Al di là del fiume

Al di là del fiume was born in 2014 on a land devastated by war, in the historical park of Monte Sole (in  the province of Bologna), and from the outset has been inspired by the idea that crisis can become an opportunity.

Al di là del Fiume is not just a winery, but a real multifunctional biodynamic farm an Agriturismo and a Cultural Association. Since the beginning two were the main objectives which have now become goals: land fertility and human well-being.

Today the farm consists of 27 hectares of land with 5 hectares of vineyards, 1000 m2 of vegetable garden, 1000 m2 of orchard and healing plants and herbs.

The vines used for production are native: Albana, Montuni, Grechetto Gentile,  Pignoletto and Barbera.

Indigenous yeasts are used in production, very few interventions in the cellar, such as light filtrations, and interesting macerations on the skins.

Many of the products use Italian Terra cotta Amphorae.

Al di là del Fiume in the world

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USA: New York.

Canada: Quebec


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