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Corona Ruia

The fourth generation of Sardinian winemakers

Corona Ruia

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Corona Ruia

The winery is located in northwestern Sardinia, the most fertile part of the island.

From the small hills that frame the vineyards, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the island of Asinara. The crystal blue sea, long stretches of white sand, Mediterranean scents and the flavors of native wines represent the calling card of the town of Sorso where the Corona Ruia Winery is located.

The story begins in 1925 thanks to great-grandfather Mereu: his love for working in the vineyard has been handed down and they have reached the fourth generation. The care of the vine and wine have become a true family tradition.

Corona Ruia winery has its roots in this unique land, lapped by the sea, and the company dynamic rests on the family dimension, thus safeguarding and making more authentic the link with Sardinia.

Similarly, bio-ethical thinking, which has been present for generations, is transformed into GREEN concreteness, providing customers with an authentic wine, of the highest quality, as healthy as possible with all the scents and aromas of the ecosystem.

The vineyards, more than 60 years old, are located close to the sea, and enjoy a particularly favorable pedo-climatic situation that allows maximum containment of the use of biocides.
The soil, limestone and sandstone resting on a sub-layer of volcanites and marls, offers the native grapes unique aromas and flavors .

With the utmost respect for the surrounding nature, using exclusively local materials with low energy and environmental impact, the winery is built in such a way that it is itself an element of promotion of the territory.

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