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Di Filippo

Organic wines from the heart of Italy

Di Filippo

Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable and more

Di Filippo

Good agricultural practice is the craft of Di Filippo Winery.

Passion, respect, love. These are the three forces which drive Emma Di Filippo and her family in their daily lives with their vines. Passion for work, respect for the soil and love for the family tradition in the cultivation of vineyards, produce wines expressing the soil.

The Di Filippo estate counts 36 hectares, overlooking Assisi, resting on sun drenched hills between Torgiano and Montefalco, in the heart of Umbria. They adopt organic cultivation which respects the laws of biodynamic farming. Two generations of winemakers who have passionately dedicated themselves to the land with a vision of organic and biodynamic cultivation and all those methods which are en- vironmentally friendly.

Optimal cultivation of the vineyards is essential for the production of their wines. Only good-quality grapes will produce excellent wines.

Di Filippo in the world

You can find Di Filippo wines in the following States: 


USA: New York, Virginia, Massachussets.

Europa: Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK. Poland, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Austria


Hong Kong




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