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La Chimera

Heroic viticulture

La Chimera

Occitane grapes as expression of the territory

La Chimera

Stefano Turbil discovered viticulture in the Susa Valley through an internship he did while studying oenology. At that moment he sensed that his profession would be to produce wine in this mountainous area, which is certainly difficult but full of opportunities and potential. Thus, in 2005, La Chimera was born. In 2018, his wife Mariangela left his previous job to work alongside him and create a family- run winery.

La Chimera's vineyards are located at an average altitude of 750 meters, on the south-facing slope of this glacial valley.

The two red grape varieties grown, Avanà and Becuet, best express the characteristics of this territory.

Since 2014 the vinification of Avanà has begun, in order to produce a classic method sparkling wine, which today gives a fresh and sharp sparkling wine, where this grape variety expresses itself in a new and unexpected way.

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