Podere 29


Podere 29

Organic since the beginning

Podere 29

Think outside the box: Nero di Troia

Podere 29

The Marrano family acquired the estate in Borgo Tressanti in 2005 and from day one the idea was to build something important in the area, in the wake of tradition and love for the land that was passed on by the grandparents, originally from Puglia. In fact, one of the first things done was to transfer a mulberry tree from another owned estate, as a sign of continuity between the generations. This mulberry tree was dying, but here it has come back to life. This is where it comes from the idea of calling the wines Gelso.


The current 20 hectares of vineyards are certified organic.

The most recent analyses have led to the certification of “zero” pesticide residues There are no sulfur and copper residues either. By choice, any irrigation system is used. Plants live on what comes from the sky. In a season marked by drought, there will be fewer grapes, but certainly grapes of exceptional quality.

Podere 29 in the world

You can find Podere 29 wines in the following States: 

USA: New York, California.

Europe: Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Grece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Lituania.

South Korea



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