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Scuderia Italia

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Scuderia Italia

Scuderia Italia was born as a production company that has always stood out for its meticulous attention to the quality of products and the territories of origin. Finally, after
years of field research, the company offers certified organic products and will continue its research in this direction.

But why organic? The main reason for this choice has been the need to take concrete actions to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the planet that hosts us, which now, more
than ever, requires our assistance.
Scuderia Italia believes, invests, and acts to promote a more ethical and sustainable wine world, confident that it’s the only viable path for our future. So here si the new line of
organic wines.

Fabio Mecca, well known as “Best Under 40 Oenologist in Italy in 2022”, has collaborated since the beginning of this project with Flavio Sartori, owner of the company, vinifying only
and exclusively grapes from old vineyards with yields per hectare between 30 and 35 quintals.
The protagonists of this debut are two flagship wines from Southern Italy: the Primitivo from Puglia and the Falanghina from Campania.

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