Tenuta Casteani


Tenuta Casteani

A different taste of Tuscany: the Maremma region

Tenuta Casteani

The Wines of Maremma

Tenuta Casteani

Tenuta Casteani, located in the Tuscan Maremma within the Park of the Matalliferous Hills, covers about 80 hectares.

In 2002, Mario Pelosi, an engineer and oenologist, decided to buy the estate, attracted precisely by the strong oenological vocation of the soils, which are characterized by optimal soil depth, balanced textures and a good supply of mineral substances: a perfect habitat for vines.

Casteani is the name of the locality where the estate stands, which in the past was particularly active in the mining industry. Evidence of this is the ancient tunnels still present underground. The company's logo takes its inspiration precisely from the wheels of the railroad wagons that were used to transport minerals.

15 hectares of vineyards nestled among the sinuous hills of the Tuscan Maremma. Predominantly planted with vermentino and sangiovese, leaving room also for international varieties such as merlot, syrah and viognier.

The good exposure of the plots allows them to benefit from the cyclical sea breezes from the nearby Tyrrhenian coast.

The soils are characterized by the strong presence of pebbles, ancient evidence of the now disappeared lake of the Miocene period, which, thanks to the slow and progressive release of valuable minerals, enrich the substrate.

The farm, converted to organic farming since 2019, with its low yields and careful processing of the vineyards, produces high quality grapes.


Casteani in the World

You can find Tenuta Casteani wines in the following States: 

USA: New York, Florida, California, New Mexico.

Europe: Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Grece, Italy, Lituania.

South Korea: soon available

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