Tenuta Mattei


Tenuta Mattei

Organic wines from Marche Region

Tenuta Mattei

Organic viticulture since the eighties

Tenuta Mattei

Danilo is the heir of a historic family of winemakers from the Marches, in the province of Ancona. The company was born in the early twentieth century when Danilo’s grandfather began to cultivate the vineyard. At the end of the fifties the company is then passed to his son Mario and his wife Maria, who increased the vineyard.

To mid-eighties Danilo takes over the company, increase the vineyards and the quantity of wine produced. In those years he began to cultivate the vines organically.

In 2013 was born the Tenuta Mattei brand. The surface of the vuneyards isnow about 25 hectares. The varietie cultivated are Verdicchio, Lacrima, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot.

The annual production is around 3.000 quintals of grapes with a total production of around 250,000 bottles.

Tenuta Mattei in the world

You can find Tenuta Mattei wines in the following States: 

Europa: Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Belgium.

USA: New York.


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